Susan b anthony slot machine

This goes along with Rusty telling Bank there is a possibility of an earthquake, and their exit plan for the end of the movie to cause one to get all the people to leave with their winnings.
This corresponds to the health and safety code for placing a psychiatric hold on a deranged individual.
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Irwin Allen - Linus tells Reuben that Rusty is pulling an "Irwin Allen".Under the guise of the swat truck, Danny, Rusty and the gang can escape without a hitch.Lost in Translation " on Linus, which means they're talking in complete gibberish to confuse him.In the movie, they provide general two-man work like the distraction they pull with the balloons covering the security camera on the casino floor so Livingston can get into the video surveillance room.Spoiler The characters make several references to a " Susan.Cartwheel- Doing something 'outrageous' just to divert attention).These casinos are the same casinos that are robbed in the original Ocean's Eleven (1960 The Sands, Desert Inn, Flamingo, Riviera and Sahara.Gilroy - In the movie a Gilroy is a very powerful "accelerator a chemical which gives off a smell that causes a woman to become very aroused.Ocean's Twelve, when Danny and Rusty take Linus to meet with Matsui, they pull a ".Looky-Loo with a Bundle of Joy - refers to them bringing in Danny's wife, Tess, played by Julia Roberts.In the episode, they mentioned this boxing match where Leon Spinks beat Muhammad Ali, and it was a total upset that no one expected.Anthony" in their heist.

Leon Spinks, not to mention the biggest.
Smugglers Paradise, Swinging Priest, Crazy Larry, Soft Shoulder, Bakers Dozen, and, hell in a Handbasket - In the scene where Linus, Basher, and Turk are trying to come up with cons to do with three people, they mention the Smugglers Paradise, Swinging Priest, Crazy Larry.
Miss Daisy - references the swat truck our con men used as their getaway i want to poke your eye out unicorn mug car.
It was similar in appearance and size to a regular quarter and many people dropped it into a slot machine without realizing what it was worth.Anthony - This is a reference to the Susan.Ella Fitzgerald : the idea to loop a tape of a robbery over Benedict's security system, a robbery which had actually been staged the previous night as a distraction while the real robbery takes place.Boeske - Probably a reference to Ivan Boesky, a stock trader famous for his involvement in insider trading prosecutions in the 1980s.You 7 free slot machine 50 lions could probably say that the character of Lymon Zherga is based in some way on Boesky - he's a money man who opens the way to the vault.The "Ocean" group is a professional gang of thieves who pride themselves on taking on and completing elaborate heists with good financing, connections, intelligence, wit, and skill; and not the use of violence or weapons, as would a common criminal.The numbers that.'driving miss daisy' is a movie about a woman who has to get a chauffeur to drive her around.