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It may be too tough to tell watching the recording at full speed, so try to pause the video when your club is halfway between the top of the swing and impact.
As you may already be thinking, it can be tough to evaluate your success on this point while making a swing.
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Yet few actually achieve this coveted position because, after reaching the top of the backswing, their first move down is with the shoulders and arms.It is important to learn how to find the slot because this is a skill you will use on every single full swing shot you hit around the course.With the club slotted nicely, it will be easy to rip the club head through the hitting area, knowing the ball is going to be sent toward the target properly.Find the slot and everything else will fall into place nicely.It really is the best combination of performance, look ticket loterie illustration and feel that weve created for the worlds best players.

Bring your right elbow down into your side from the top of the swing and the club will be slotted nicely for the rest of the move.
In golf, you'll never visit that magical realm unless your swing is in the slot.
That's what it feels like to be in the slot.The mid irons (6-7) are cast of 450 stainless steel, as well.On the way down, the club should be in a specific position relative to the ball in order to be considered in the slot.This construction provides the precision and feel of a forged iron with the advanced geometry of cast irons delivering the best of both worlds.Without resetting, take the club back to the top and pull down three more times with a quicker pumping action.RSi 2 irons are the Progressive Multi-Material Construction.Available from November 14, 2014.There is no need to pull your driver from the bag straight away when you get to the range, as the driver swing is one of the toughest in the game.Swing down very slowly with clubhead touching the wall until your hands reach hip height.From the top of the backswing, you need to bring your right elbow immediately down into your side.The RSi 2 provides the ideal blend of performance and beauty, said, tomo Bystedt.Right hand stays out of the action.As of this date in late March, we expect to be over these back order situations by mid-April.