Poke bowl meaning in english

poke bowl meaning in english

Poke milkweed, poker dice, copyright.
Live on ( ) The cow lives on grass.
I bought a pig in a poke yesterday.
Vexed for ( ) He is vexed with me for opposing him.Facebook has launched a Poke app, just for Poking.The Council wants us to buy a pig in a poke.Poke is a small application available on every account.You can send pokes to your friends as well as others who are not in your friends list.Poke Meaning in Urdu, literal meaning of Poke in Urdu is ghussana.Free online English dictionaries and words translations with transcription, electronic English-Russian vocabularies, encyclopedia, Russian-English handbooks and translation, thesaurus.

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This shopping mall is very expensive, you need a heavy poke to shop here.
Just to say,.
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Poke (3 poke is also used for Pokeweed, which is a north american plant.A small box called Pokes appear on your home page if someone has poked you. .Example, We have shifted our office, nowadays everyone is poking around things to settle down.Example, I was poking around shopping mall to buy groceries.As a noun it also means to look around or search.Besides dictionary meanings, Poke is widely used on popular social networking site, Facebook.He cannot expect the citizens of Europe to buy a pig in a poke.You can poke some one by visiting their timeline.Usage example can be, He poked holes in to the wall to hang paintings.