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V5:2-A43-A50 (Spring 1961) PDF 380KB* Describes the tradecraft of a Jesuit in reformation England, his use of cover, secret writing, safe houses, bribery, and his torture and escape from the tower of London.
V3:3-53-62 (Summer 1959) PDF 553KB* Fifth in a series of reports, describes in clear detail progress and prospects in the operational development of the usaf's computerized air targeting analysis system (1959 emphasizing the vital role of the targeting intelligence analyst in all aspects of the.V18:1-25-40 (Spring 1974) PDF 954.1KB* Outlines the double agent cases described in John Masterman's super loto 14 février 2018 The Double Cross System in the War of 1939 to 1945."The SAM Upgrade Blues" by Sayre Stevens, Stud.10:85-94, PDF 778.4KB* NSA retained its authority to screen telegrams sent abroad from the United States, despite hostile hearings by Congressional investigating committees (1975).

V2:2-65-69 (Spring 1958) PDF 284KB* Author argues that the feasibility of using subliminal stimuli as an operational technique is exceedingly limited and prone to failure.
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Book review of Kontact med England (1940-1943) and Hemmelig Alliance (1943-1945) by Jorgen Haestrup, Stud.
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