I want to poke your eye out unicorn mug

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Over the years, the color of his pupil gradually faded.
Reid (D-Nev.) said at one point this week.
Find a Ophthalmologists near you, for example, if the white color is right in the center of the pupil, then this might represent a cataract, which is a condition in which the lens in the eye degenerates over time, mostly due to aging.
Visit our, knowledge base 2018 Zocdoc, Inc.It is not that hard to scratch your cornea but it is not easy either, as it also depends on the angle you were poked.It appears that theyre going to do everything they can to satisfy the tea party.The doctor accidentally injured his left eye with some kind of a device.They are not trying to arrive at the finish line.You could've poked Jeff's eye out.I don't think he can see out of it anymore.Or is his left eye permanently blind?In today's Washington Post article titled For Boehner, battle is a test of leadership, I came across the phrase, It seems every step we take, its something just to poke us in the eye, of Senate Majority Leader Harry.This entry lacks etymological information.

On the other hand, if the white discoloration is more in a circle around the colored part of the eye, then this might be arcus senilis, which is a benign change in the eye that occurs with aging and does not affect vision.
I searched the definition of this phrase in dictionaries at hand and online dictionaries, none of which has entry of this phrase, except for Online Slang Dictionary carrying the phrase poke in the brown eye without giving any definition.
Hey, watch where you're throwing that thing!
Zocdoc Answers is for general informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.Although I can easily imagine how angry I could be when Im poked in my eye with a stick, what does poke one in the eye mean right here?It is also, however, possible that this could be caused by a number of other eye conditions.If you are familiar with the origin of this term, please add it to the page per etymology instructions, or discuss it at the.Today it is completely white.About thirty years ago my dad had some work done on his eyes.

I would definitely recommend that your father go to see his eye doctor about this issue.