Chanel casino collection

chanel casino collection

Rinko Kikuchi and G-Dragon repped up the Asian contingent.
Kristen Stewart slightly awkward twenty-something.
Karl Lagerfeld probably didnt intend his Chanel couture wie kann ich im lotto gewinnen show as a statement on some universal fascinations of the greater fashion industry, but one could definitely read it that way.
The final flourish to their gamble was a bride an almost unrecognisable.Only these werent tweed but some kind of quilted mesh.Wertheimer) inside the soaring Grand Palais, he addressed celebrity obsession, the tension between technology and tradition and high-stakes risk.Asked how he syncs the press-a-button method of production with the hand tradition of couture, Lagerfeld noted the expert measurements required, the added-in silk linings, and various finishings.This group of starry gamblers was an impressive show of power on Chanels part.Rattan, Calfskin More variations.Calfskin Gold-Tone Metal, more variations, chanel 31 Shopping Bag.Small BOY chanel Handbag.Combined with the wide-shouldered, box-shaped jackets, the look alluded to Joan Crawford, in keeping with the inspiration from the 1930s illustrations of Chanel's lover Paul Iribe that had come full-blown to Karl in a dream.Jackets ranged from the classic house shape to cropped boxy styles to hip-length versions with dropped lapels and loose, flyaway backs.It was a drawn-out affair as each muse of the house sauntered up to tables in a hashtag-casual manner.

67 Photos, they played the wheel and numbers convincingly (in fact, theyd all had a crash course in gambling just the day before) in their own glossy, high-profile bubble, seemingly oblivious to the communal neck-craning of the surrounding audience, all for a better view and.
She was quickly followed by a platoon of Karl's muses: Geraldine Chaplin, Rinko Kikuchi, Rita Ora, Lara Stone, Vanessa Paradis, Stella Tennant, and, finally, Julianne Moore, each of them wearing an outfit Lagerfeld had specially designed to reflect the way he saw them, for them.
This has been a week where hyperbolic spectacle has been heaped upon us every day.
For those not in that ultra-wealthy bracket, joining Chanels circle via their perfumes, their cosmetics, their bags and their ready-to-wear keeps the change falling in Chanels privately owned slot machine.
AP0254B00478N4449 1,100 view More, chanel Homepage, fashion.He did so while presenting two distinct collections in a single spectacular event, one his haute couture, and the other, the houses high jewelry collection, team lotto jumbo vuelta crash a full re-issue of Bijoux de Diamants from 1932, the only fine jewelry ever created by Coco.PVC, Calfskin Silver-Tone, more variations, beach Ball Handbag."I just wanted to find a seat where I felt lucky, where I could win big." But, with a lot of assistance from Michel Gaubert's portentous soundtrack, the collection had a distinctly adult, primarily dark, edging on decadent mood.Stella Tennant country-loving tomboy.Side-Packs, lambskin Gold-Tone Metal, more variations, large Side-Packs, lambskin Gold-Tone Metal, more variations, beach Ball Minaudiere.The interest is that we take the most iconic jackets from the 20th century, and make it in something you couldnt even imagine then for the 21st century, Lagerfeld said during a preview.In this context, even Barry White's uplifting "Love's Theme" that played out the finale took on a distinctly ironic flavor.Those were the words that loomed above us at the Grand Palais, and this is what we came to see.Lily Collins teen beauty queen.(The casino) consisted of an eclectic cast of characters, who would all place their bets on the table.Chanel is a maison with serious clout that owns haute couture fashion week.

"The computer follows my sketches.".
It loaned a militant edge, which scarcely mitigated the sense of discomfort the collection provoked.
Kendall Jenner in a Bianca Jagger-esque wedding suit with a train of white tulle walking out to Barry Whites Love Theme.