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Born in the Norman seaport of Dieppe and mar tyred in the Mohawk village of Ossernenon - now Auriesville,.Y.
WE ARE ALL things, principle deity, paradise eden (NEW earth).
His humility was quite extraordinary.".
Writing three years earlier to the Superior General, Garnier had stated explicitly that without the donne's "this mission would collapse.".
A martyr with jogues, since Jogues' successful peace-making visit that same summer, there had obviously been a change of mind and attitude among the Mohawks.The subsequent history of the donne's abundantly demonstrated how right were the in-sistance of the missionaries and the revised judgment of Father Vitel-leschi.He further claimed that at some cost to himself he had tried in vain to save the lives of both Jogues and de la Lande.The Dutch Governor wrote that Jogues had been killed on October 18th and Jean de Ia Lande on October 19th.After due consideration they decided that any layman, currently at-tached to the Mission, who wished to make a life commitment, could do so on the following terms: they would publicly take conditional vows of devotion, using a formula similar to the simple vows of the.If Everyone Shares: Before Tax: Up To 1/10th Income with Global Charity, fixed: half way through the funds, nOT even difficult.

The result of long and serious consideration was a modified life style for the donne's.
It was dated October 30, 1646.
In another place, Garnier speaks of the "many bles-sings accruing to the Mission because of them.
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IF accepted AND functioning: IT would bajor help FOR: ending unemployment and building: Geothermal Plants Desalination Plants Hydrogen Plants Sun / Mirror Energy Farms Geothermal with Filtered-Desalination with Irrigated Farming in like: Africa Global Revegetation (target: 8 billion trees) and things even SO these systems.
Describing the spirit of Sainte-Marie-aux-Hurons in, Paul Ragueneau wrote: ".
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