Casino raiders ii 1991

Of course, our heroes get pushed to the limit by the film's antagonists, leaving Chicken Feet and Kit no choice but to "get back what's theirs" in the twisty, but wholly predictable, gambling finale.
Dave Wong with a pig-tailed cherub?
But no matter what, Andy funny jackpot jokes Lau still looks cool with a cigarette hanging from the side of his mouth.
In order to pull Chicken Feet and Kit from danger and have the two avenger him later, Uncle Fan jumps into the ocean and commits suicide.
Chicken Feet, Kit and James were Uncle Fan's apprentices.There's a little homicide going on, a sad case of infidelity, a harrowing scene of self-amputation, some Andy Lau strip blackjack, a few ridiculously impossible card tricks, a high speed wheelchair-bound chase of doom, unplanned parenthood, child neglect and/or abuse, blindness by lightsaber, assorted grisly.Now, lest you think that I am about to launch into an extended diatribe on the perils of false advertising, let me just say that this digression on the merits of the film's poster artan exercise in seeming futilitydoes have a purpose.In fact, there's nary a samurai sword in the entirety of this Johnnie To-directed flick.If the film comes off as a bit underwhelming, it's not for a lack of trying.1 2 3 4, contents.Lau Siu-ming as Uncle Fan, lee Siu-kei as Uncle Kei, peter Yang.After some card playing tomfoolery in the initial reel, everything goes TO hell!Chicken Feet puts a fake jade and his own life at stake to bet with James's life.

Kelvin Wong as James, anthony Wong as Pau, chan Cheuk-yan as Yan.
Chicken Feet and others had heard the news that Fan spread before and his death, which leads them to find the jade tablet.
Chung Wong San as Competition Judge Lau Kong as King Kong Lam Chung as Funeral Director (cameo) Lau Shun as Toro Yamamoto (cameo) Wong Yat-fei as Kit's cousin (cameo) Anna Ng as Kit's cousin's wife (cameo) Wong Wai-kei as Kit's ex-wife Au-yeung Yiu-yam as Poker.
Later Kit is released from prison and intends to lead loto quissac 1 janvier 2018 a normal life but he could not escape from James's pestering.Kit follows Yeung's idea to lose all the money, since Yeung bet James to win.The film franchise all have different storyline while sharing a common principal star of Andy Lau.One time when Uncle Fan brought them.Oh, and I almost forgot: Andy and Dave are holding katanas too.Finally, Chicken Feet temporary leaves Hong Kong to avoid danger and right after seeing off Chicken Feet leave, Kit was shot by a group of thugs and the film ends.Yeung Tien Feng.Pop star Andy is cast along with the beautiful Ng Sin-Lin as lovers in an effort to capture the screen magic they had.Instead of merely piling on the stock action imagery as the cover art does, the film itself is a veritable deluge of shlocky, tear-jerking occurrences.Andy Lau sporting a Fonzie jacket with requisite motorbike in tow?James (Kelvin Wong) turned against Uncle Fan, leaving the elder gambler confined to a wheelchair and the old man's son, Kit (Dave Wong taking the rap for murder!Well, Casino Raiders 2 centers on the gambling misadventures of Uncle Fan (Lau Siu-Ming Chicken Feet (Lau Lin (Wu and Kay (Lee Sui-Kei).Casino Raiders 2 looks absolutely ludicrous.A dark and depressing film directed reglement poker couleur by Johnnie To Kei-Fung from his early pre-Heroic Trio days.