Bingo 2 tsum tsum

bingo 2 tsum tsum

Level Ticket x1 Earn 160 Exp in 1 play Clear a total of 90 MyTsum Knock out those pesky Gantus!
2019 January event, featuring Lilo Stitch and also introduces 2 new Tsums from Kingdom Hearts.
And boy, am I exhausted!
Minnie Mouse, i was having a hard time with several missions.
I dont, so Im left with boring ol Happiness Box Donald.If too much time goes in between, the number resets, so dont stop.Honey Pooh or White Rabbit.I recommend 5 4 Time to get this done.Use a Happiness Box Tsum Tsum to earn 700 coins in 1 play Okay, you have to use 5 4, Coin and Time and play a fantastic game on top of that, but Tigger is basically the only Happiness Box Tsum Tsum who earns enough coins.

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No real strategy other than never stop connecting chains and hold your breath while you play.
Area 1 - Lilo's House Earn 450 Exp in 1 play Get a 13 chain 12 Knock out those pesky Gantus!
1,200 Bubble Item Ticket x1, x2, Score Item Ticket x1 Clear 380 Tsum Tsum in 1 play Get a 7 chain Get a total of 1,200 Coins Use 3 Skill(s) in 1 play Clear and catch cousin (Angel) 1 time in 1 play!5 4, tSUM, tSUM, mission tsum, mission -) play 7, bombfever.When I say slightly, I mean.5 seconds is added to the amount of time his skill is active.Elsas hair is technically tied.Inside Card, lower left corner besides Play!Earn a score with a last digit of 3 Again, just keep playing.Above January new Tsums give character bonus 30 - Chain, Exp 40 - Bubbles, Combo, Fever, Skills 50 - Coins, Points, Big Tsum, MyTsum, Tsum Tsum 200 - Gantu Leroy missions.

Some missions require to catch the same cousin more than once.
Use the skill of a male Tsum Tsum 12 times in 1 play This sexist mission is also super difficult unless you can stop time.
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